A show full of poetry, theater, dance, music and audiovisuals.


The Fragility of Eros is a show full of poetry, where theatre, dance, music and audiovisual technology come together, taking the public and their memories on an emotional journey through time. The action takes place in three different points of history, joining them in a dream-like sequence through the magic of theatre. The Spanish Civil War, the failed coup of the 23rd of February and the present day crisis. The crisis as the possibility of change. Three women who rebel against the establishment, with what is expected of them, each one living out their moment in history. Women that are searching for fulfilment, in tune with their bodies, with what is primitive, their every sense receptive.

The piece looks at the abilities of three different generations to cope with the social and personal problems of their time. After all, in life what is not personal? The action takes place in an everyday setting – a local bakery. The public become customers, students, people looking for shelter. During the performance a recipe is elaborated between the three central characters, three different moments in time, the recipe of happiness. The audience gets a taste throughout the performance.


Playwright and Director: Isabel Martí
Original Idea: MaQuinant Teatre
Main characters: Aina Gimeno, Anna Moret and Ana Ulloa
Choreographic direction: Aina Gimeno
Stage Design: Los Reyes del Mambo
Lighting: Diego Sánchez
Costume Design: Ana González
Music: Paco Seco
Graphic Design: Joan Santacreu
Audi-visuals and video: EscaparteVisual
Historic counseling: Mario Tebar Haro
Technicians: Sergio Ibáñez y Diego Sánchez
Executive production: MQT


Duration: 70´

Languaje: spanish and catalan
Type of audience: suitable for children over 10 years and adult audiences. 


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