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SALÜQ is more than a play. It is a tool with vocation of social transformation and for that reason it is not exhausted in itself. THE SALÜQ PROJECT includes the following working lines: 


  • ARTISTIC LINE: The creation of the show SALÜQ Who can stop the wind?


  • PEDAGOGICAL LINE: Within the project we propose a pedagogical line with theoretical materials and practical activities, that allow to reflect on the spectacle and generate a change of attitudes in the children, and to be able to be ... also the adults. The story of Nür will lead them to ask questions, to empathize and to put into value the reality other children so different but equal.


  • AWARENESS-RAISING ACTIVITIES AND WORK LINE WITH OTHER ACTIVE AGENTS: MQT HAS ESTABLISHED AN ALLIANCE WITH CEA[R] SPANISH COMMISSION FOR REFUGEE AID, with the aim of joining efforts to raise awareness and disseminate campaigns related to refugee rights and the migrants. And as a company MQT is open to collaborate in initiatives, exchanges and acts that promote human rights.