A journey, a song to the Mediterranean and to life.


SALÜQ is a show for the whole family, it is a journey, a hymn to the Mediterranean and to life. A story of adventure and hope, testimony of those who emigrate with the dream of reaching the chimera of a better world.
Aina and Ana are going to discover Nür´s journey. A girl who involuntarily embarks on a small odyssey fleeing her country. Nür driven by the wind of SALÜQ will travel places she had never seen and experience adventures he never imagined.
Little Nür's gaze will transform everything in her path and her questions will be a springboard to guide her to find a new home.
SALÜQ is a show in which visual poetry, dance, plastic arts and new technologies are to tell the great adventure of a little heroine.
Beyond the show: SALÜQ has teaching materials for children from 5 to 10 years old. The objective is that they can reflect and empathize from the spectacle on the reality of so many children who undertake this long journey.




Playwright and Director: Juan Pablo Mendiola
Based on an idea of MaQuinant Teatre
Main characters: Aina Gimeno and Ana Ulloa
Choreographic direction: Aina Gimeno
Stage Design: Los Reyes del Mambo
Lighting: J. P. Mendiola, D.Rosselló y F. Rodrigues
Ilustration and Graphic Design: Jaume Marco
Costume Design: Rosana Nolla
Music: Damian Sánchez
Audi-visuals: Virtual Art
Photography: Jordi Pla
Video: Josep Gresa
Technicians: Diego Rosselló and Flavio Rodrigues
Production assistants: Paula Andrés, Anna Moret and Fran de la Torre
Executive production: Ana Ulloa



Duration: 45´

Languaje: spanish, catalan and others languajes.
Type of audience: suitable for children over 5 to 99.